1st TEDxAcademy Greece. Wooooow!

1st TEDxAcademy Greece. Wooooow!

Today I attended an experience. I cannot call it an Event or a day-something. I think and I saw that for many there (almost 300 people, tickets outsold) it was an actual experience. Probably it was the energy of people attending this, or the organizers energy, or the sponsors energy and contribution, or the volunteers. Perhaps the energy of all these people together PLUS a scope and of the speakers.

TEDxAcademy is under the umbrella of TED.com and for those never heard of it I strongly suggest to start. It will give you a new perspective in life regarding actions of people. It will give you insights and will and the heart to try, to achieve, to experience.

I found there people I have worked with, people that I have worked for and people I mostly discuss with via Facebook or blogs.

Apart from an opportunity for learning this event was a concept of reality. The speakers offered nothing less than real, tangible value, each one in his own field.

All talks were under the idea of what can we do in Greece now! What can we really do but with a completely unique empowerment and yet not fictional or superficial or unrealistic at all!

A great surprise was the theatrical team “A-logo” (from horse). Talking about innovation in movement and performance!

There were those who spoke in the framework of Vision and what vision means.

People like:

  • Kostas Mallios (Microsoft). Who talked about success but most of all for not to be afraid to fail and learn and progress. Also about fear and how it stops us from being what we can be in life and business. Who gave valuable insights on doing business thinking globally.
  • Stelios Ramfos (Writer and Thinker). He expanded on our need for a cultural change, for self observation and real change. A peoples change before things around us change. That we as Greeks are characterized by doing things partially and not complete them. In which I totally agree!
  • Aristos Doxiadis (Investment Professional, Economic Sociologist). Who also presented beliefs, models and crystallized thing we carry inside us and how we need to get out of these. What elements of opportunities we have as a country and we do not pay attention to these. Particularities in our tradition and way of life that can be transformed even to products or generate value!
  • Simanta Das (Physicist, Investor in HealthCare Development). Who inserted the decomposition of a situation and in his talk he spoke about intuition and how this comes when we go over the mind, over thoughts. He inserted in our analytical process the principles of meditation.
  • Babis Mainemelis (Professor). One of the coolest speakers I saw at that point (but then others surprised me further down the program). One of the things he mentioned was (taken from a Chinese story as he said) that in order to have the best result you have to throw yourself in your work. In the fire and to melt and blend and be one with your work. To love what you do or want to do or if you can’t do otherwise to learn to love what you have to do.

People speaking about values like:

  • Costas Bakouris (Transparency International Greece). Who spoke about Transparency in everything and it’s meaning.
  • Evgenia Lianou (Cocomat). Who gave a great example and presentation of the company she works for and its vision and values and actual practices.
  • Yannis Sotirakos (Ey Zhn). Presented a very promising project about re-booting everything in life and society as we know it and especially inside us.
  • Father Antonios (Priest). If there is an excellent example of a person sacrificing himself for others he is one. From those I know. The audience was applauding him upstanding. Perhaps this is what great scientists meant when they said that religion needs science and vice versa.

Finally, there were speakers about Action. Brilliant examples of people who did their dream true and more. Like:

  • Steven Van Der Kruit (Creative Director Firmenich). Who presented the way he and his team work to find the trends of the next 5 and more years through observation (and photographing) of things happening in real world and real life, in ghetto’s, urban life, graffiti and all things visual that actually represent the internal states of people and thus show the course of history to come and of present times.
  • Theodore C. Forbath (VP Business & Technology, Frog Design).  Spoke about new forms of value for business and a change into things we know for granted and how these change in life.
  • Sotiris Bantas (HELIC). Presented his company and how a Greek team manages to work in a high tech sector for multinationals and be competitive the same time.
  • Yorgos Panzaris (AthensBook). One of the coolest things in terms of presentation mentioning about his i-phone app and future of things plus the philosophy of the hyper and real.
  • George Tsiropoulos (Scientist). Biotechnology, Berkeley, algae and future of humanity happening right now. Incredible things about biotechnology and human sustainability.
  • Dimitris Tsoukalas (Mayor of Anavra Magnisias). He transformed a close to decay village to a paradigm for all in all terms of sustainability, ecology, social caring, and many more by utilizing things that are in the grasp of everyone’s hand and driven by the need to offer to his birthplace and do some good for the community.

I sincerely want to thank all these people for their inspirational people. Ideas for participating in projects there and new project ideas popped in my mind as the speakers did their presentation. And logically, inspiring creativity and care of others is one of the main things such great events have to offer.

I am eagerly waiting for the following event of TEDxAcademy.

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