About Google Analytics and Bounce Rate Indicator

There is a wide talk regarding Bounce Rate indicators for Google Analytics. Actually, this is a very important factor which will shows “how many bounce from your page”. Correct? Not! Bounce Rate Indicator(BRI) has to do not only with that because if we only see the number then it actually tells us nothing.

How come? Well, the best thing is to present some example.

Take this site for example: www.woman-on-top.gr . The Bounce Rate for this is: 1,6%. Amazing isn’t it? Also the traffic there is mostly from search engines. And it has some several 10ths of thousands visitors per month. Well, women mostly.

But, in order to see if the above 1,6% reflects on something valuable more factors need to be examined. For example. One cannot read the full article in the home page. The home page is only to display the latest list and some text to give an idea of the article (per post). The reader needs to click to see the full article in the final post page. This gives a very good result which eventually is translated to an accurate number for the Bounce Rate indicator. Thus, for this site we can say that the visitors do land there because they searched for content optimized for this site and the BRI is correct.

In another case, if we had another website/blog that presents the full article in the home page and thus has a big Bounce Rate indicator, this doesn’t necessarily means that the BRI is bad. Another number of factors need to be examined also to have a safe result. Like the general time visitors spent on the page (i.e. home page). If you have 5 new posts on a day or a large post and you see something like a small number of time spent on the page, then something is wrong and needs research. Even when the article has a few words but supplementary visual information for the visitor. Pay attention on how much you expect someone to sit there (average) and read the post(s). Simple math drive conclusions.

Also more factors need to be examined regarding the behavior of visitors throughout the website plus technology they have. Also, to see the download times for the page(s).

So, Bounce Rate Indicator is actually a good starting point to start digging for intelligence through Google Analytics. In any case, either the BRI is low or high it gives very good intelligence data on what to enhance, change.

So, as we say, measure and analyze all!