Channeldoubler launches

Channeldoubler launches

Hermes Hotelia Channeldoubler recently launched a new web site for Hermes Hotelia located at The company gets busy on the hospitality market with special focus on hotels, providing hoteliers with solutions that help them enhance the web presence as well as the online management of their business.

Channeldoubler implemented a compelling web site knowing that is the company’s primary marketing vehicle. To add more, the two companies worked closely for the production of some of Hermes Hotelia products. An innovative online booking system that increases functionality for users as well as includes a secure online payment facility, and a hotel yield management system which helps hoteliers increase their revenue for their given room fullness.

“Those systems were strategically built so that they are of great benefit for hotels, and we believe they can be very useful tools for both small and large businesses”, claims Christos Vassilopoulos, Head of Channeldoubler.

We invite you to visit for more information on these products

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