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Whats Included In Our Affordable SEO Packages

We correct and create your On-Page SEO factors (text, technical, speed, structure). Having the wrong website will not produce correct marketing or sales. So make it right, this time.

The desired outcome with our affordable seo services is to have everything on every page of your website, properly understood by Google on what each page is talking about. Such a series of actions are also known as OnPage SEO.

Tech SEO

Complete Tech Auditing

Backlinks SEO Check

What to Allow/Dissavow

Keywords SEO Discovery

Difficulty Factors for Ranking

Content Structure SEO

Hierarchy and Structure

Long-Tail Analysis

Identifying Long Tail Phrases

SEO Competition Research

Threats and Opportunities

Content Marketing Plan

Full-Scale Planning

SEO and Content Creation

Writing/Creating the Content

Social Media Optimization

Signals for SEO

How Affordable SEO Works?

When Google understands what each page is about and when your website is correct against search engines, then your chances to rank in the first results increase significantly.

To achieve all that and apply all OnPage SEO actions, there are preliminary works involved. You need:

  • Analysis of your market and competition
  • How your target audience searches for similar products
  • Know the difficulty level for top results ranking
  • Pinpoint all the opportunities to bypass the ranking difficulties

All that SEO related information is needed to fix both your website and your marketing plan. In fact, all that works is good to be done, even before you design and develop your website.

When all these data are found, they have to be applied in many different ways on everything that is part of your website. After that, the same data are applied to your OffPage actions.

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Our Affordable SEO Methodology

Helping your business thrive in an online competitive environment by optimizing everything correctly for ranking

1. We Audit your Website

We engage many tools in this ground work, along with our specialists. All minute details that relate to all things technical (code, graphics, hosting), are recorded in order to make the "Fix it Plan".

2. Strategy

Through all the different tasks, as seen in this page, two things occur. One is the outlined strategy. The second is the commitment of all stakeholders to the implementation of the strategy details.

3. Implement and Track

This is the execution phase where all the processes are deployed, with the common goal to drive traffic, leads and conversions to the desired web property. All the indexes (backlinks, domain authority) and their progress are tracked.

Affordable SEO FAQs

How to do search engine optimization? What are the do's and dont's, so to start right?

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Search Engine Optimization Questions and Answers

No, since at least 12 years ago. Declaring meta keywords in a META field is a practice abandoned by search engines. If someone tells you it is important to declare a bunch of keywords in the page code, then run away. They have no idea about SEO or building a website.

SEO is an ongoing process. It never stops. It is based on constant improvement. SEO professionals should develop all suitable, record all potential money-making ranking terms, and build on them. While they build your ranking with their SEO services, they can show the progress done. For some terms, the improvement may be fast (a few months or weeks in some cases), while for others, it may need to take longer (6 to 12 months or more). All depend on correct structured and intensive work and planning. There are different strategies and “SEO packages” that may or may not be suitable for all cases when you are after organic results. Factors like your website’s age and history also influence its ranking speed capability. SEO professionals use many tools to identify, fix and enhance all the works needed. Consider SEO as a marathon that pays off when you train right.

Results may change while Google changes its way of ranking pages. The solution is monitoring and adaptation. The most important thing is to invest in proper SEO research and planning from day one. The return on that investment is exponential compared to Adwords or Social campaigns. Whatever you build with SEO can stay top for long. Whatever is PPC, it will stop providing traffic when you stop paying.

For us, affordable SEO means SEO services that adapt to the needs and budget. We can provide our services for all budget levels, but there is a logical minimum from where all projects start. To provide the best options, we ask you a series of questions, and after that, we can offer a scalable solution and a scalable offer.

SEO is a synthesis of works, practices, and technology-related actions. All these relate to content (on-page and off-page), the tech part of your website, the design, and more. 200+ factors relate to on-page SEO only. You see results when all things are in place, and you implement your search marketing strategy right. That is why SEO research is done before building any website.

That is part of what we call Local SEO. It is the proper combination of On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Content Marketing. Ranking locally is sometimes more manageable but depends on the local online competition. That too requires a local SEO strategy, with Social Media having a significant role in that strategy.

Yes, it is very important. It affects the download speed of your website. A slow-performing website lacks against other fast ones. Google counts speed as a user experience factor. You need not have an expensive or cheap server. You need the proper web server for your project and it must be set correctly for your project. The person or the agency that builds your website must know which hosting solution you need. Such go hand by hand.

Backlinks (links outside your website pages that point to yours) will help when they come from quality pages, and the best is that they are relevant to your content topics. Consider that as a “referral” from a 3rd party to you. The bigger the 3rd page’s value, the better it is for you. Is that simple? Well, yes and no. Backlinks come with more things to consider and know.

The most significant error is not having an SEO strategy before even building a single pixel of your website. Proper SEO research is the Alpha and Omega of all future work. That is your blueprint so to monitor progress for organic ranking results. It precedes web design and development. Most businesses skip that, and as a result, they end up paying several thousand to fix things when and if they find out their mistakes. That is a complete waste of time and money. Even fixing things takes much more time, as Google needs to “forget” the past and re-index the corrections. So, what is the point of starting wrong? Starting right utilizes all SEO capabilities in the best way.

We find the terms and queries that show the intention to buy a product or service or the interest for the same. The goal is to match the offer with the demand. People search in the same way they think. All the generated data are used in the website structure, content, and marketing.

Either something changed in your website or something changed with the Google ranking algorithm. Googie issues frequent algorithm updates, and some of them are pretty extensive. An SEO expert monitors these and provides solutions.