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Search Engine Optimization

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What SEO is about? S.E.O (improvement of each of your website pages for Search Engines ranking), is a series of actions that are initially applied on the technical, structural and content of your website.

search engine optimization

Our SEO Areas of Focus

deep seo analysis for 200 ranking factors

The desired outcome is to have everything on every page of your website, properly understood by Google on what each page is talking about. Such a series of actions are also known as OnPage SEO.

Tech SEO

Complete Tech Auditing

Backlinks SEO Check

What to Allow/Dissavow

Keywords SEO Discovery

Difficulty Factors for Ranking

Content Structure SEO

Hierarchy and Structure

TF*IDF SEO Analysis

Identifying Long Tail Phrases

SEO Competition Research

Threats and Opportunities

Content Marketing Plan

Full Scale Planninig

SEO and Content Creation

Writing/Creating the Content

Total SEO Ranking Works

Focus on Conversions

Free Website Audit

Better safe then sorry, we say. Learn if somethings needs fixing

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How SEO Works?

When Google understands what each page is about and when your website is correct against search engines, then your chances to rank in the first results increase significantly.

To achieve all that and apply all OnPage SEO actions, there are preliminary works involved. You need:

  • An analysis of your market and of your online competition is needed.
  • Identify how your target audience searches for similar products and/or services like yours (or your own).
  • Know the difficulty level for top results ranking, against your competition.
  • Pinpoint all the opportunities to bypass the ranking difficulties.

All that SEO related information is needed to fix both your website and your marketing plan. In fact, all that works is good to be done, even before you design and develop your website.

When all these data are found, they have to be applied in many different ways on everything that is part of your website. After that, the same data are applied to your OffPage actions.

search engine optimization



So, what steps we take for SEO?

Helping your business thrive in an online competitive environment by optimizing everything correctly for ranking

1. Audit your website

We engage many tools in this ground work, along with our specialists. All minute details that relate to all things technical (code, graphics, hosting), are recorded in order to make the "Fix it Plan".

2. Strategy

Through all the different tasks, as seen in this page, two things occur. One is the outlined strategy. The second is the commitment of all stakeholders to the implementation of the strategy details.

3. Implement and Track

This is the execution phase where all the processes are deployed, with the common goal to drive traffic, leads and conversions to the desired web property. All the indexes (backlinks, domain authority) and their progress are tracked.

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