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How To Do Medical Tourism Digital Marketing Correctly

How To Do Medical Tourism Marketing Correctly

Beyond any complicated strategy that the topic of Medical Tourism marketing relates to, the truth is rather simple. You need "good old" marketing tactics to be in front of your audience who searches for treatments abroad. Actually, "that is all". You need Medical Tourism Digital Marketing, whether...

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Your eShop Needs CRM

It can be easy to think that CRM software solutions are only necessary for big businesses that focus more on B2B, but any business that works with customers can benefit from it, as well. What is CRM? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. This software keeps records...

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Redesigned the Athens Gate Hotel

We have delivered the new website (based in Wordpress and a Responsive one) for the well known Athens Gate Hotel. The website reflects what Athens Gate thinks about the new era in hotel websites presentation. Their previous website was also designed by ChannelDoubler and served...

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Revamped Niki Beach Hotel website

We have been trusted and awarded to revamp the Niki Beach Hotel website, in Samothraki island, Greece. The website - through a modern design- now serves content in English, Greek, Turkish, German language. The website is based on Wordpress and follows the Responsive model for...

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Babyisland eshop published

One of the most beautiful Greek shops for baby staff, toys, baby beds, newborn feeding equipment and more has launched their eshop. Babyisland represents the famous PALI brand for Greece and has invested to create an amazing offline shop for many years now. Getting ready...

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New launched

The hotel BEST WESTERN FENIX, one of the best hotels in Glyfada is a member of the largest global hotel chain BEST WESTERN and is the ideal place to stay during your visit to Athens ! Within walking distance of the cosmopolitan town of Glyfada and...

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elias kulukundis

Elias Kulukundis website

We have designed and developed the website of Elias Kulukundis. Elias is a well known author, teacher, playwriter and shipowner. And these are a few from its talents and passions. His website reflects his personality and promotes his books: "The Amorgos Conspiracy" and "The Feasts...

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Windmill Hotels Zante in Zante revamped

We have launched the new website for Windmill Hotels in Zante. The website included 2 websites for 2 different hotels in Zante, both located at Argassi. The website follows the Responsive design philosophy, in order to be visible in all platforms (desktop, mobile). On one hand...

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Sev4Enteprise to boost your business and knowledge

Do you believe in life long learning? Then is here for you. Following this direction and under the SEV Stegi program, SEV created this initiative to help businesses move forward. The sev4entprise project is about 3 main sections: Extroversion Innovation Entrepreneurship These 3 factors are...

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Strong participation in Infocom conference

In the works of the 14th Infocom World 2012 (31.10.2012), the top conference for Telecommunications, IT and Media, Christos Vassilopoulos will participate: A. For the section "High-tech & Social: The power of click", as a Panel of Experts member and will discuss good practices for...

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A professional website approach for has been launched. The website presents the professionalism and flexibility of this company which has offices in Athens and Thessaloniki. For more than 60 years (!), serves numerous customers (home, business) with moving their assets from one place...

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Capsis website revamped

Capsis Hotels has a completely new look and feel. ChannelDoubler has designed the new theme and functionality, following  a long relationship with the Capsis company. The new theme dressed up the CMS platform proposed by ChannelDoubler. For the project ChannelDoubler cooperated with a relatively new...

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The website of Della Rounick is live

The website of Della Rounick -a great woman in many fields of life- has been developed and published by ChannelDoubler. Along with Della Rounick the content of the website has been developed and morphed in a way to present the full length of its content....

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What responsive design is

The term can be self explanatory but it is not. Actually it is not simply aesthetics design. Responsive design is a combination of structure, coding and logic design that allows your webpage to shape shift depending on the medium/platform someone sees it. So, it has a...

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Niki Beach in Samothraki, live.

The Niki Beach hotel in the island of Samothraki. NIKI BEACH is located in Kamariotissa, 500 meters from the port of Samothrace and 10 meters from the beach.  It has been in operation since 1982 and was fully renovated in 2007. It is the only 3...

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Odeon Hotel is up

Imagine a hotel in the most central part of Athens just a few meters from the major historical and archeological sites. Access to traditional Athens and modern night clubs. On Piraeus street, one of the major streets in Athens. Located in this central setting Athens Odeon...

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The Best Social Media practice is your own

In our company we have discovered the Social Media as a buzz word several years ago. Actually we were not even a company, just a few professionals of the market working in other good (back then) companies. Though, through exchange of information, discussions, ideas, radical...

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Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We decided to adopt Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It's still early to pinpoint specific things we need to be improved but we find that first and early impressions from the usage and usability of such a big environment are crucial. The reason is that according to our...

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Well, we love Microsoft windows phones and especially windows phone 7. Particularly now with this amazing interface they have we love them more. We are in technology both in it's business aspect as well as the fun aspect. We are strong in our belief that...

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Rescue time

I think one of the major problems individuals have, due to thousands of things they (probably) have to do every day is managing time. Or better, make the best usage of it. Luckily, once more, technology comes to rescue things, through  . It is...

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Solution for Sony Ericsson WM600 bluetooth

I have been troubled and puzzled with this device to connect it via bluetooth to my sony vaio with windows 7. The product is here: In my HTC HD7 T9292 it connected in a flash but not in the laptop. Tried various solutions and got quite...

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Look dad. A social media expert. Wowww

Many things have been written around for social media professionals, experts, etc. I say that the actual professionals are those who eventually: Make new business through Social Media. Create business relations. Create relations, which eventually are translated to "something" (depending on the case...

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Faran Laboratories s.a. website is launched

ChannelDoubler Interactive Media has designed and developed the website of FARAN Laboratories S.A. The website can be reached here: Keeping up with the high standards of this era, FARAN Laboratories s.a. with 56 years of market presence- is in a fast process of updating all...

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MAST Hotels go live!

Mast Hotels (PrevezaCity, Parga Beach, Dioni Boutique Hotel) are now live. ChannelDoubler did the redesign and re development of all the hotel websites. The whole hotel group is based on Content Management designed in a way that is easy to manage information and change everything...

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1st TEDxAcademy Greece. Wooooow!

Today I attended an experience. I cannot call it an Event or a day-something. I think and I saw that for many there (almost 300 people, tickets outsold) it was an actual experience. Probably it was the energy of people attending this, or the organizers...

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Sales associate is needed

Hello Sales People out there. In ChannelDoubler we need to enhance our team with a sales person as business is growing and we cannot cope with all things as we are right now. Our services are in our website:

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Brand new Pharmaceutical Marketing company

ChannelDoubler in association with (a brand new scheme of highly experienced team in Marketing, Technology and Business Organization) are launching a joint company for the new era of pharmaceutical industry. Both companies contribute their specialization and expertise to provide a unique pack of services ranging...

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Savoy Hotel chooses ChannelDoubler

Savoy Hotel decided to enhance it’s marketing capabilities regarding their web strategy. They choose ChannelDoubler for their creative and technical services, as long as content management platform and booking engine! Also, a new and complete set of photography is about...

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Most luxurious Lesante Hotel & Spa, has been launched live today. It can be seen at : The website fulfills the hotel needs for a very usable and in parallel excellent looking presentation of their ability to provide a unique...

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The website for Fantastikos cosmos is live!

The website for Fantastikos Cosmos (fantasy world) is the sibling website of Fantasy Shop, but specialized in fantasy publications only. The website is a standalone content management solution which will act as a marketing tool for all publications and interactive material of...

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PHP vs ASP.Net

aspvsphp By the moment that ASP.Net came to the surface, there has been a long debate among programmers which one is better or not. Since I have used both languages, I will try to do a quick comparison. But lets start with some history first.

PHP traces it roots back to a 1995 Perl application designed to track accesses to Rasmus Lerdorf’s online resume! Two years later, his subsequent open-sourced C implementation of his Personal Home Page / Forms Interpreter – PHP/FI – was installed on 1% (~50,000) of the world’s Internet domains. In 1997 Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski do a third rewrite of the C implementation intended for their ecommerce application which was designated as PHP 3.0, a recursive acronym for Hypertext Pre-processor. PHP has now reached version 5.3.x and 6.0 is on the way!

ASP or Active Server Pages is the first attempt of Microsoft to create a server-side language used for generating dynamic and interactive pages. In 2002 Microsoft releases the ASP.NET as a successor to ASP. ASP.NET is built on the Common Language Runtime, which allows programmers to write ASP.NET code using any supported .NET language (C#, C++, J#, Jscript.NET, Python, Ruby, etc). At the moment ASP.NET is at version 3.x.

Here are some interesting comparative details for both languages:

Lesante Hotel and Spa in Zakynthos

We welcome Lesante Hotel and Spa in Zakynthos as our new client. The hotel awarded us with the design and development of their new hotel website (in development phase). The Lesante Hotel & Spa is a newly built 5 star luxury hotel of exceptional quality...

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The Future of Web Development


I have been developing web projects for the last 7 years. For me, stepping from a more than 18 years’ experience in ‘regular’ and pretty complex programming (C/C++, Pascal) to the development of web applications, was an easy step. Taking into account the complexity of building a windows application 10 years ago, developing applications on the web at the beginning was an easy task. However for the last few years web applications have been getting more and more complicated.

In an interview of Larry Wall in 1998 (creator of the Perl programming language), he said "Take a good look at what you want to do, and try to come up with the long-term lazy way, not the short-term lazy way". So how can we apply that?

Sysco Welcomes 2010 with a Powerful Campaign!

Sysco welcomes 2010 with a powerful campaign on Google. Sysco is a leading Information Technology Provider with a great activity in the Greek Hospitality Industry for many years. Their clients are hotel properties, restaurants, conference centers and more, who use Sysco technology solutions for the...

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Hermes Hotelia Google Adwords Campaign

Soon after the launch of their new website, Hermes Hotelia benefits of the Internet Marketing practices to promote their services with a strategic pay-per-click campaign on Google. This campaign will be running on the occasion of the current program of ESPA, which gives a great...

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Channeldoubler launches

Channeldoubler recently launched a new web site for Hermes Hotelia located at The company gets busy on the hospitality market with special focus on hotels, providing hoteliers with solutions that help them enhance the web presence as well as the online management of...

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How important is Direct Marketing in a website or web campaign?

How important is Direct Marketing in a website or web campaign?

A self interview…

Don’t be surprised if you see someday on your google search for buying a car 10 results directed for you only, instead of 16.345.678 ones!!!

Q: Dear Sir, you mentioned that Direct Marketing is part of a web concept and mainly attaches or must attach to any proper actions of trying to reach one person online. Can you explain a little more about this?

A: Well, many wonder how can in an online population, who counts in millions, you are talking about Direct Marketing? How can this be possible? In fact Direct Marketing was always the concept!!! If you check the history of Web in terms of concepts and technology, you will see that actually online agencies who offered serious solutions tried to reach not the general population to spread a message, but the actual ones who would be interested in the short and long term to buy their products or service.

Are paid links a safe SEO strategy?

Are paid links a safe SEO strategy?


As you may already know link popularity is one of the most significant factors for a site to rank high on search engines and refers to the number and quality of the incoming links that are pointing to your site.

Building link popularity is not an easy task, though. That’s because you have to build natural links from relevant sites to yours rather than creating artificially ones. And that makes a difference for Google and other search engines because they see sites which share the same focus as yours to consider your site important enough to link to. This can really boost your ranking.

New Client: Blazer Suites Hotel

We welcome our new client whose site we were awarded with. Blazer Suites, has entrusted us with the re-design and development of their new website aiming to have a website that will attract more customers and present the hotel at all its greatness. Blazer Suites say: "...

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New website

Hi everybody. We just launched our new website version at . There you will be able to see not only the full pack of Services and Solutions we actually provide but also new cooperation opportunities for sales genius out there. In every page we try...

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SYSCO is on air!

I am glad to announce a new project that was finished recently and now it is on air! SYSCO S.A. trusted Channeldoubler for the design and development of their new website. SYSCO is one of the most renowned Information Technology Integrators on Hospitality, with a...

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Welcome Hotel Eleon

With springtime in full swing and summer just around the corner we have a new start-up in Zakynthos, Eleon Hotel & Resort that open their doors in the next few days. Channeldoubler has undertaken the design, development and hosting of their new website which will...

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Fantasy Shop & Fantastikos Kosmos

We are pleased to announce that Channeldoubler was entrusted with the redesign and redevelopment of the website of the chain of stores Fantasy Shop and the publishing house Fantastikos Kosmos. Fantasy Shop deals with modeling and appeals to people who are fond of figures and...

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Go ahead TONIC!

Tonic, one of the greatest advertising firms in Greece, entrusted us with the design and development of its new website. It's worth mentioning that the concept we used for the site makes all the difference because it's a key figure for the people of Tonic...

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Classical Hotels’ New Campaign

Classical Hotels trusted us for the campaign of 3 luxurious hotels· King George Palace, Athens Imperial and Baby Grand Hotel. The campaign was set up the last summer for Greece, Cyprus, United Kingdom and United States and gave the opportunity to the website...

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Channeldoubler was entrusted with the design and development of the website of Lifetrends, a company which does Web Social Research. The site is supported by Content Management System which assures its autonomy and allows anyone from Lifetrends to renew the content, such as pages, pdf,...

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Capsis New Frontpage

A new design for the frontpage of Capsis has recently launched. We took advantage of delicate flash details and incorporated useful information for both clients and travel agents so that the site can be more targeted concerning the public. We also used...

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Hellasmes project ready!

Hellasmes, Association of Greek Sciences’ & Health’s Suppliers assigned to Channeldoubler the web site design, development and hosting. The site incorporates a private area for the Members who can Log in and do Authentication. There is also a large database for all the members and...

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Gama Gourmet Series running

Channeldoubler was entrusted with the web site implementation of the innovative food trade company Gama Gourmet Series. The site is supported by a Content Management System and its main feature is that gives the possibility to anyone from Gama Gourmet Series to renew the material...

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Tourism Task Force is up

Tourism Task Force trusted us with the design, development and hosting of its web site and it is already up running. The site is supported by Content Management System which allows the renewal of content by anyone from Tourism Task Force even if he isn’t...

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Festival of Cyclades on air

Channeldoubler has recently finished the redesign and redevelopment of the website of the International Classical Music Festival of Cyclades giving a fresh look to it. It’s worthy of note that this Festival is presenting significant performances some years since and a lot of internationally renowned...

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Welcome SFEE

Greek Association of Pharmaceutical Companies (SFEE) awarded us for the creation of their new vortal-oriented web site. This as a result of a Call for Proposals among 7 large companies of the Internet Services market. The project consists of a very large and rather demanding project both...

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YES! Hotels, join our client list

Yes!Hotels, assigned to ChannelDoubler the redesign and redevelopment of their four (4) luxury and design hotel web sites plus the corporate one. ChannelDoubler was selected among a group of web services companies that were invited to submit financial/technical and Design proposals. All w/sites are now...

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Intranet Application for Alexander Beach Hotel

ChannelDoubler developed the Intranet application (already developed the web site The Intranet, as mentioned by the owners …”a very valuable tool for the management and employees of the hotel…”, includes services and applications under one interface (with restricted access) in order to reduce...

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Series of unique projects

January started very well. Many of our efforts during the last years developed a well established reputation among companies outside of our country. Some very well national and multinational clients joined us and trusted us for their web projects. Among them: Greek Ministry...

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Best Western Fenix redesigned

The Hotel Fenix is conveniently located at the attractive coastal resort of Glyfada, only a 20 minute drive from the center of Athens and 24 Km from the Athens Int. Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” which can be easily accessed by public transportation or taxi. Fenix...

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