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Blazer Suites website – Live

The website for Blazer Suites ( is live in the last few days and is kicking. The wonderful hotel says all by itself : "...

Brand new Pharmaceutical Marketing company

ChannelDoubler in association with (a brand new scheme of highly experienced team in Marketing, Technology and Business Organization) are launching a joint company for the new era of pharmaceutical industry. Both companies contribute their specialization and expertise to provide a...

Savoy Hotel chooses ChannelDoubler

Savoy Hotel decided to enhance it’s marketing capabilities regarding their web strategy. They choose ChannelDoubler for their creative and technical services, as long as content management platform and booking engine! Also, a new and complete set of photography is about...

Welcome Faran Laboratories Group

We would like to welcome Faran Pharmaceutical Group as a brand new client of ours. The client chose us after a call for ideas and proposals regarding the new approach of their web identity. The project is about to start. ...

Interesting article on social media companies metrics

Well, I find this article is really good and helpful. It shows in one screen what is going on with the SM popularity.Really helpful for marketeers.Which Companies Are the Most Social? / Flowtown (@flowtown) ...

PrevezaCity, Dioni, Parga Beach Hotels

We are very happy to inform you that these three new hotels have joined us in order to redesign and re develop their online presence. The group of Mr Ioannou has singed with us and we are thrilled as it is... has been launched live

Most luxurious Lesante Hotel & Spa, has been launched live today. It can be seen at : The website fulfills the hotel needs for a very usable and in parallel excellent looking presentation of their ability to provide a unique... – It’s alive and kicking…

We have developed and launched the main website for all hotels that belong to YES! Hotels company. These include Semiramis, Twenty One, Kefalari Suites, Periscope. But more surprises are yet to come in the near future. Through an excellent and very creative...

The website for Fantastikos cosmos is live!

The website for Fantastikos Cosmos (fantasy world) is the sibling website of Fantasy Shop, but specialized in fantasy publications only. The website is a standalone content management solution which will act as a marketing tool for all publications and interactive material of...

Eleon Grand Resort. Up and running.

The first time I saw photos from this hotel I said Wow! The website of this new and extraordinary resort and spa in Zakynthos island is up and running. The website is still in the process of adding more content and...

Truth and Lies: The Creation

creation, truth and lies

I was reading an article in PC Magazine yesterday, where one of the readers was posting a question asking if there is a program where with 20-30 clicks he could make a complete and in above average detail 3D representation about Battle of Marathon. Well, it was nice to see that a person is actually getting interested to do such a thing but this is not our point.

The thing is that he mentioned that “…i would like to do such…, “…as there are programs where with 2-3 clicks you get a website, a blog, etc…” and in general things like this. So, you are guessing where this is going.

PHP vs ASP.Net

aspvsphp By the moment that ASP.Net came to the surface, there has been a long debate among programmers which one is better or not. Since I have used both languages, I will try to do a quick comparison. But lets start with some history first.

PHP traces it roots back to a 1995 Perl application designed to track accesses to Rasmus Lerdorf’s online resume! Two years later, his subsequent open-sourced C implementation of his Personal Home Page / Forms Interpreter – PHP/FI – was installed on 1% (~50,000) of the world’s Internet domains. In 1997 Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski do a third rewrite of the C implementation intended for their ecommerce application which was designated as PHP 3.0, a recursive acronym for Hypertext Pre-processor. PHP has now reached version 5.3.x and 6.0 is on the way!

ASP or Active Server Pages is the first attempt of Microsoft to create a server-side language used for generating dynamic and interactive pages. In 2002 Microsoft releases the ASP.NET as a successor to ASP. ASP.NET is built on the Common Language Runtime, which allows programmers to write ASP.NET code using any supported .NET language (C#, C++, J#, Jscript.NET, Python, Ruby, etc). At the moment ASP.NET is at version 3.x.

Here are some interesting comparative details for both languages:

Lesante Hotel and Spa in Zakynthos

We welcome Lesante Hotel and Spa in Zakynthos as our new client. The hotel awarded us with the design and development of their new hotel website (in development phase). The Lesante Hotel & Spa is a newly built 5 star luxury hotel of exceptional quality...

The Future of Web Development


I have been developing web projects for the last 7 years. For me, stepping from a more than 18 years’ experience in ‘regular’ and pretty complex programming (C/C++, Pascal) to the development of web applications, was an easy step. Taking into account the complexity of building a windows application 10 years ago, developing applications on the web at the beginning was an easy task. However for the last few years web applications have been getting more and more complicated.

In an interview of Larry Wall in 1998 (creator of the Perl programming language), he said "Take a good look at what you want to do, and try to come up with the long-term lazy way, not the short-term lazy way". So how can we apply that?

Brand new service: 3D Modeling

We are happy to announce our new service which extends our capabilities for interactive media. We can deliver 3D landscapes, modeling, characters, walkthrough’s, surrounds. Working closely with a team of specialists on 3D animation and rendering and with the combination of Video...

Sysco Welcomes 2010 with a Powerful Campaign!

Sysco welcomes 2010 with a powerful campaign on Google. Sysco is a leading Information Technology Provider with a great activity in the Greek Hospitality Industry for many years. Their clients are hotel properties, restaurants, conference centers and more, who use Sysco technology solutions for the...

Hermes Hotelia Google Adwords Campaign

Soon after the launch of their new website, Hermes Hotelia benefits of the Internet Marketing practices to promote their services with a strategic pay-per-click campaign on Google. This campaign will be running on the occasion of the current program of ESPA, which gives a great...

Building web projects which bring back actual results


Actually I had a long discussion in the last days (it is in Greek only) around some awards constitution in Greece, where many agreed that as it now it serves nothing to none. Instead we discussed that we need to expand or create something completely new based on User/Audience voting and Results as criteria, along with Creativity. But not only to judge aesthetics and tricky graphics as these are only a portion of the recipe that make a web project successful. My honest opinion is that Results need to be mostly the drive or a main point along with what it goes along. Thus, any project can be judged as such by audience or with actual numbers and metrics!

Channeldoubler launches

Channeldoubler recently launched a new web site for Hermes Hotelia located at The company gets busy on the hospitality market with special focus on hotels, providing hoteliers with solutions that help them enhance the web presence as well as the online management of...

Case Study: A blog with lowest Bounce Rate ever


This article is a small case study on . This website is a blog in Greek directed mostly to women of various ages or to men who want to know more about related topics. It maintains for a long time now an incredible low bounce rate around 1,7% on several thousands of visitors (to have a very low bounce rate=good).

If you are in the marketing business and especially in building websites and market them in the web you will know that this is hard to get and it commands a big number of parameters. These include technical capabilities, correct content, and a touch of common sense. To summarize it:

  1. Big Bounce Rate = Bad
  2. Low Bounce Rate = Good