Building web projects which bring back actual results

Building web projects which bring back actual results


Actually I had a long discussion in the last days (it is in Greek only) around some awards constitution in Greece, where many agreed that as it now it serves nothing to none. Instead we discussed that we need to expand or create something completely new based on User/Audience voting and Results as criteria, along with Creativity. But not only to judge aesthetics and tricky graphics as these are only a portion of the recipe that make a web project successful. My honest opinion is that Results need to be mostly the drive or a main point along with what it goes along. Thus, any project can be judged as such by audience or with actual numbers and metrics!

If this goes on, I have offered my support and help this with technology, ideas, or anything else we can provide. Indeed, this can push further our minds and raise the standards. The ones who will benefit from this? Many. But Clients most.

I decided to write a little more around this…

Well, results is the main case for all projects? Isn’t it? No matter what, if you are:

  • A volunteer organization or NGO. You still want to get your message through and communicate it to as many as possible.
    • You still want to have tools that will help you to run the daily routines of administration?
  • Perhaps a small or medium or large company or corporation. Don’t you need to:
    • Attract new customers? Or keep existing ones?
    • Increase sales and loyalty?
    • Make people loooove your brand and products?
    • Share your knowledge?
    • Make people aware of your content?
    • To attract people to your thematic mini site or your blog?
    • To measure.
  • Or perhaps you are a public service organization. And:
    • You want to communicate your new Social care service?
    • To introduce a new way for the public to do things?
    • To pass along a message that show you care?
    • and more…

Everywhere in the internet people share, communicate, attract, integrate. This is internet and like everything else results is driving the need and the market. Whatever market is. Even if you are about to cook a meal you need ingredients and a target. Otherwise you rely on pure lack and wishful thinking.

Nobody has money to throw around (well, a some have…) for nothing and everyone asks for results. To my honest opinion in the market of web solutions – in the Greek one – there are only a few who actually can combine technology (with all what includes), with goal setting and in the end to bring results. This is sad. All the others actually “build websites” or “do campaigns”.

We try to start from the goal setting “thing”. On how to deliver results. And this is so far what brings us more projects.

Stand by for more…

(photo from Kikashi)

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