Small Business Coaching Services

From Data to Purpose, Helping with eBusiness.

How Small Business Coaching Works?

Have you noticed that most of your sales come from things you do well or are positively inclined? If so, then how such becomes your business culture and a way of acting daily? Most of the times, businesses ask us not only to provide Digital Marketing or Technology Services, but to also help them organize and focus on their desired outcome, even to organize their whole operation departments. 

That envelops data and technology, but most of all it involves people, their current status, their aspirations and their strengths. But, how you engage and inspire people (associates, clients, your employees) in an endless positive loop of a fullfilling work life for them and for your business? This relates to a deeper level of business coaching services, and we are here to help.

The 4 Business Coaching Steps We Take

Some claim that finding or redefining your vision/future is a plain “Know Where You Are, Know Where You Want to Go” concept. Is that statement a structured action? No it is not. We help you with deep analysis and with creating your plan. 

Define the Desired Outcome

We help you to define the most critical points to focus upon. This is not a vague list. It will be part of the roadmap for the next steps. It is a what is "our strength and how we build the future with that" list.

Engage Stakeholders and Teams

All who are involved in the critical steps of envisioning the future and the best things your business can do, participate in an active, structured, positive manner with the future in mind.

Co-Create The Inspiration Plan

All the team can-do capabilities, information, feedback, and valuable input, creates the can-do "treasure" you will use for an actionable plan. We drive you through the process, with the best information to use.


Be prepared to have a highly engaging team with a clear path to follow so to achieve your future goals as a business and as stakeholders. Have all people aligned with a common vision instead of just "employees". This is Business 4.0 for the future.

How To Start?

Lets do the simplest things first; To discuss.

Meeting Tech

Choose: Face to Face, Zoom, other


60 minutes


€170 / 60 minutes, paid ahead