Case Study: A blog with lowest Bounce Rate ever

Case Study: A blog with lowest Bounce Rate ever


This article is a small case study on . This website is a blog in Greek directed mostly to women of various ages or to men who want to know more about related topics. It maintains for a long time now an incredible low bounce rate around 1,7% on several thousands of visitors (to have a very low bounce rate=good).

If you are in the marketing business and especially in building websites and market them in the web you will know that this is hard to get and it commands a big number of parameters. These include technical capabilities, correct content, and a touch of common sense. To summarize it:

  1. Big Bounce Rate = Bad
  2. Low Bounce Rate = Good

The demand

To build a blog with these requirements:

  1. Easy to use and update.
  2. Fast and reliable technically.
  3. Easy to enhance it with features without recoding the whole thing.
  4. Ability to post dated articles.
  5. Easy for a group of people to collaborate on article writing and having different permission rights.
  6. To be able to implement advertisements and promotional tools without fuzz.

Also we knew that this would start as a side project and aims to evolve to a very useful tool scanning online women preferences and providing personalized information.

A Big Challenge

People who would be involved in the maintenance and feed of the website with content plus to market it in the web had absolutely no idea on what web is and how it works. So there our work included consulting, training and advisory.

The solution

We provided a solution easy to use from people who had small or almost nothing experience in the usage of web applications. We used WP as a platform for this as at the starting phase the project was OK to start with and a later phase to move to another of our platforms. The main work needed to be done mostly on explaining, consulting and training people who had no idea what web is. We explained and trained thoroughly how they can use the web to their benefit in order to reduce time and provide useful information. Budgets were very low and personal work was the key. So, they needed to evolve no matter what.

The result

In the time passed there was actual learning and testing and trials from content editors. It was a new thing and they evolved in it. As mentioned there was no budget at the beginning. Following our advices the Bounce Rate was reduced from initially 50-60% to around 1,7% and has stayed there for a long time now. The content is starting to increase and in the immediate plans are to enhance it with more women related topics. Plus the fact that they are entrusted with the advisory of Medical Doctors who give them support and reply to their audience. Seems that the project is actually now getting into upscale orbit.


The website is open to media shops and advertisement opportunities as far as we know. We strongly suggest to utilize this as it has a very personal character. We will provide also 2nd phase consulting and revamp some critical features. Access to Google Analytics of this website is available upon request and it will be provided to interesting companies or individuals after examination of interest. It has more than 15.000 visitors per month and related to the content (women oriented).

Educational stuff

For all of readers who are less familiar with this critical factor of bounce rate here are some interesting articles to start with:


Also see this very good video on Bounce Rate from Google on Google Analytics:

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