Content Marketing Services

Ranking // Branding // SEO // Authority. SEO is included, but Content Marketing is way more. How content will work for your business with targeted traffic? Let us help.

What's Included in Our Content Marketing Services?

Strategy Planning for Content Marketing

Content is the King but you need to know how to use it and share it best

Research for Content Planning Creation

Analysis is transformed into robust exact steps with the rights metrics for Conversions

Keywords and Competition analysis and Metrics

Your real online competitor is the one that "eats up" your 1st-page results

Difficulties: Which keywords are impossible to rank?

Pinpointing the keyphrases where Content Marketing won't work for you

Opportunities: Money keywords that you can rank for

Locating all the keyphrase opportunities that can lead to ranking and traffic

Metrics setup for Ranking with Goals and Funnels

When it is properly set then it can be properly tracked and measured

Follow and NoFollow Strategies for Links

Increasing the Domain Authority value with any penalty risk

"Broken" Links Strategfy for Ranking

Converting the invisible and "broken" pages into a leverage

Blogging Strategy for Authority and Page Ranking

We write and use all on-off page content for ranking

Creation of SEO Content for Content Marketing

We write the content that increases ranking and awareness

Guest Blogging and Editorial Links Strategy

We utilize all networks that enhance your Authority and Page Value

Local SEO - International SEO Strategy

We setup all the tools that influence your local and international SERP ranking

Mobile SEO for Content Ranking

Setup and plan of all technical aspects for Mobile ranking

Video Strategy for Content Marketing

We evaluate and use all video content for Content Marketing

Forums Discussions for Content Marketing

We activate and build all needed for Authority through Forums

Press Releases for Content Marketing

We create and publicize P.R. into multiple networks

Citations for Ranking Enhancement

We create targeted Citations when the project is suitable for such

Back Linking Strategy and Deployment for Authority

We plan, setup and execute multiple diverse Link Building strategies for Authority

Social Signals for Ranking and Content Marketing

We create all kinds of SEO value related signals to enhance your pages ranking

On-Page SEO: Analysis & Auditing

Corrections & enhancements for your website On-Page SEO

Back Linking Optimization and Negative SEO Defense

We "clean up" all the Negative Value links that destroy your website ranking


Answers for our Content Marketing Services

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Content Marketing Services FAQs

Our actions are two-fold. The base ones where we correct all errors (one-off) and the monthly ones.

Yes, you can unless the service ordered has started.

What anyone can guarantee is progress and that is proved and shown. Nobody controls search engines and their changes. For sure, Google doesn’t let anyone know what they changed in detail. Keep in mind that your competitors too, act for their benefit. Their actions are your loss, so you can’t be left behind.

We let you know of the process and the outcome. There are many basic rules that need to be followed in search engines, in order for our actions to be effective. We also provide you with monthly reports on the progress, so you can check things right.

The site must be corrected. We will show you what is right and what needs fixing. If issues remain then you will keep losing your ranking and all actions done will not have the desired ranking results. We will be able to fix them for you too, if you like.

Yes, you can have a special deal, but each project is examined on its own. Our content marketing agency provides services that are not mere “packages”. Each project demands its own tools and work to bring results.

Any method is fine with us.

That one is a great question. Honestly, that may be the case for you, but do you have the data to support that direction? Some of the keywords you need to rank for may be too difficult to rank. These may be used in Adwords or in Social. What usually happens is that a specific number of keywords (with X characteristics) is used for SEO and others for Adwords. Social Media is not for ranking. That is why rarely the “reach” metrics related to any actual traffic towards your website. Our analysis shows all the data you need.

The ones you see on the other page relate to On-Page SEO. We do a series of works, that make sure that your website is 100% correct before applying any kind of content marketing services. Do you need them? We will evaluate your case and let you know.