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What's Included With our eCommerce Services?

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You need pre-launch analysis, all the right eCommerce platform conversions tools, after development strategy, and correct metrics in place from day one!

eCommerce SEO Research

How To Rank High?

This means to “Match Supply With Demand”

Objective: People search for services and products using a variety of queries and keyphrases. To know this information with all the details it entails is literally “gold”. That knowledge will drive the vast majority of your marketing efforts and conversions. You need that knowledge before even writing a single line of code.

How to solve: We find all the relevant keyphrases (queries) with which people actually search, per country. On top of that we find:

  • The number of queries per key-phrase
  • Ranking difficulty analysis in Search Engines
  • Who are your online “business” competitors?
  • What it takes to outrank them?

What to do with that: With such info you know how to design your eshop, how to write your content, how to structure all information and how to run your marketing plan.

eCommerce Development

From Research To Development

This means to “Run, Measure, Earn”

Objective: To have a correct eshop that can respond on sales, with all the right tools in place from day one, with all metrics and funnels needed to catch sales, convert abandoned carts and build relations with customers.

How to solve: We use our experience to build your eshop (or audit and enhance your existing one) in a way that really works. We can prove that, even in planning phase. We can run your content & search marketing actions. In fact we can provide:

  • Complete Eshop Design and Development
  • Data Entry and Store Setup
  • Connection with Marketplaces
  • Payments/Shipping Setup
  • Audit or development of your eshop
  • Set Goals for metrics
  • Setup of all tools to track progress
  • Build up your Domain Authority
  • Content Marketing Plan for Search Ranking
  • Paid Marketing Plan, if needed (i.e. Adwords)
  • Content Creation (when needed)
  • Content Conversion tracking to sales
  • Content & back-linking detailed actions
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Per month reporting on progress

What that means? We build solutions that you can really control, regardless of how big or small your team is. You have an online store that is scalable, easy to track in all levels of sales and marketing, and really know “what is going on” in a constant and transparent manner.


As you Grow

This means: “How to expand to more markets”

Objective: To organize an eshop and sales from it or organize multi-channel sales requires some operational knowledge prior building the actual “eshop”.

Solution: We have done that for businesses who came to us having only a business plan in mind but no knowledge on how to organize Online Targeting, eSales, Shipping & Accounting, Vendors to work together. We understand Digital Transformation and we provide all the knowledge for that. We offer:

  • How to organize the Vendor & Sales process
  • Team training for eSales
  • Basket Analysis
  • Online Market Insights
  • Auditing
  • Partner Selection
  • Expansion to Marketplaces (i.e. Amazon, Ebay)
  • Ecommerce Funnels & Goals. What to track
  • Legal Compliance

Do you need this? Yes, you need it in different stages. Some services are needed in Research phase, while others in pre-launch and after launch phases.

eCommerce Development Services and Platforms

We use the most popular eshop platforms. For 21 years, we have tested every one that is out there. Also ask us for Shopify, Zoho, Cs-Cart, Open Cart solutions.

Chose this if you already run a WordPress website or you plan to make one. Woo is easy to add, if your WP Theme supports it. It is an affordable and proper solution for businesses with small to medium demands in functionality. It is more than a “cart” but, still, it is not a complete eCommerce platform, but rather a plugin.

prestashopChoose this eshop solution if you a platform you can expand with more needed functionality. This one is a proper eCommerce platform and not an “extra module”. Even in its default version, it comes with far more useful capabilities than Woo. It is considered a “best value” solution and it will last for long. In most cases, PS stands as a winner.

magentoIt is a very demanding platform when it comes to complexity and resources to run. Suitable if you tens of thousands of product codes, multiple stores and you do want to invest in custom development. Its advanced license comes with a hefty fee. Its administration interface is not user friendly, when compared to others. A robust system but for quite “heavy” and demanding projects.

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Smart 3rd Party Systems Integrations

We implement your Zoho or other ERP system (SaaS or not) with your eshop.

Setup of all webhooks available to export all useful data out of your eshop into any 3rd party systems in realtime or asynchronous.

Integration with your logistics, accounting, shipping, barcode, or any tracking systems.

We build and advise on the correct implementation of systems and operations for digital transformation.

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