Faran Laboratories s.a. website is launched

Faran Laboratories s.a. website is launched

ChannelDoubler Interactive Media has designed and developed the website of FARAN Laboratories S.A. The website can be reached here: www.faran.gr.

Keeping up with the high standards of this era, FARAN Laboratories s.a. with 56 years of market presence- is in a fast process of updating all procedures with the goal to become fully competitive and to respond with success in the continuously increasing demands of the Greek and European market.

As a result of this dynamic evolution of the company and in combination with to the point control of its people, occurred the increment through the last years of the number of multinational companies who trust us with their products.

Companies that are characterized with huge infrastructures, high technology and unquestionable value in the international markets.

In 2008 FARAN Laboratories s.a. agrees on a merge with the Italian International Company ANGELINI Group and since then consists a member of the Pharmaceutical Sector of ANGELINI Group in Europe.

The new website is the result of an excellent cooperation between the teams of FARAN Laboratories and ChannelDoubler and we like to thank the company for this.


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