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You need Medical Tourism Digital Marketing Pros that know both Tourism & Search Engine Ranking, whether you manage a Medical Tourism Cluster, Hospital, Medical Center, Cosmetic Surgery Center, In Vitro Fertilization Center or Dental Clinic.

Medical Tourism Marketing Services for a Multi Billion Industry

Medical Tourism Marketing combines knowledge in Travel & Tourism sector, along with Search Engine Ranking, SEO & Content Creation. It is a matter of accurate Audience Knowledge, Research and Well Measured Milestones. 

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Medical Tourism Marketing


You need to know how people search for services like yours, in a world wide level, so you rank high in Google.

This means toMatch Supply With Demand”

Task on Hand: The naming of different Therapies and Diseases is different from how people actually and really search for them online. For example, naming a page of your website as: “Cardiology” is different than “coronary artery failure surgery” or “coronary artery failure surgery abroad

Solution: We find all the relevant keyphrases (queries) with which people actually search, per country. On top of that we find:

  • The number of queries per key-phrase
  • Ranking difficulty analysis in Search Engines
  • Who are your actual “business” competitors for these queries
  • What it takes to outrank them or/and show yourself there too

What to do with that: That is your root info for your Medical Tourism digital marketing plan.

Medical Tourism Marketing

Operations & Actions

You need a solid implementation of all correct Search Engine Ranking actions and a way to measure results per month.

This means: “How to measure that strategy progressively works”?

Task on hand: Taking the Medical Tourism research results into tangible, measurable actions.

Solution: We “translate” the research results into a strategy, along with the supervision and input of your marketing team. Our actions include:

  • Goal setting
  • Provision & setup of all tools to track progress
  • Website auditing
  • Content Marketing Plan for Search Ranking
  • Paid Marketing Plan, if needed (i.e. Adwords)
  • Content Creation (when needed)
  • Content Conversion tracking
  • All online content & back-linking detailed actions
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Per month reporting on progress
  • Website Modifications (if needed)

What that means? It means that you have a clear and transparent overview of all goals and how they are met, in a step-by-step method, where you can adjust them at any phase or even stop them.

Medical Tourism Marketing

Business Consulting

You need a way to extend and organize your Medical Tourism department to work in an efficient, profitable way.

This means: “How to develop and follow a sustainable and profitable business model.”

Objectives: Receiving Inbound patients for treatment is a success. Some times, success comes with adjustments on the ways you work so far. For such you need professionals with a background on organizing such. We work with the best.

Solution: A range of services suitable and tailor-made for each business, that aims for results. These business services relate to:

  • How to setup a business model
  • Marketing & Sales Strategy
  • Budget analysis & financial plan
  • Timetable of actions & KPIs per milestone
  • Services portfolio to maximize your business
  • What does a treatment entails? FAQs for patients
  • Patients’ Journey (Inquiry, Treatment, After Care)
  • Acquiring new patients and repeat treatments
  • How to maximize the existing patients’ turnover?
  • How to effectively manage clinic staff?

Do you need this? We want you to succeed with your goals and extend your business achievements. When the time is right, the above are the key elements to consider.

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Trust the Numbers for Medical Tourism Treatments Abroad

Inbound marketing for Medical Travel is a combination of well researched content, search engines authority, website engagement and clear call-for-action methods that leads patients to you rather than you following them! Here are valuable resources to see the vast amount of opportunities for Medical Tourism treatments abroad (source).

Evidence on Global Medical Travel

Evidence on Global Medical Travel

Full information and data: Click here
Destinations Ranking & Country Profiles

Destinations Ranking & Country Profiles

Full information and data: Click here
Medical Tourism Statistics & Facts

Medical Tourism Statistics & Facts

Full information and data: Click here
Facts & Statistics on Medical Travel

Facts & Statistics on Medical Travel

Full information and data: Click here
Medical Tourism Reports & Research Papers

Medical Tourism Reports & Research Papers

Full information and data: Click here
Health Tourism in the EU

Health Tourism in the EU

Full information and data: Click here (PDF)

Do you need Medical Tourism Marketing Services?

Medical Tourism involves Travel. Do you know the Travel Sector?

Yes we do. We have the tools and experience. We even run well-known Travel Projects (click to see one of them). We even receive sponsorship for Destinations promotion. More data will be provided in our meeting. So, we are thinking as travelers too.

Do I need Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engines are the primary medium where people search for medical treatments or healthcare travel abroad. Ranking in 1st page of Google for relevant queries per country for the treatments you provide is absolutely necessary and cost efficient. Rank for targeted queries to get targeted audience.

Do I need Pay Per Click marketing?

Logically you mean actions related to Google Adwords, Social Media Campaigns and such, where you get charged when a users click on an advertisement. That will show up in the Research Part. If some keywords are really difficult to rank in 1st page of Google then they can be enhanced through such actions. We have done that for many clients, while building their Organic ranking.

By the way, what is Organic Ranking in Search Results? Do I need that?

You can’t exist without that. People search online for advisory and treatments and they use Google, Yahoo and Bing to see results. Ranking in Organic results means to rank in 1st page without paying for Adwords or such (which costs a lot per case and per keyphrase). Keep in mind that more than 40% of users have Ad Blockers installed in their devices, that cut off Paid Ads.

So, how this Google Results ranking works?

We do a series of actions to increase your individual website pages Domain Authority, for specific keyphrases, against Google. The good thing is that everything is tracked down: Both Actions and their Long and Short term results. In that way you have complete control on the process and you can instruct us to take actions whenever you want. Web metrics and marketing actions technology has evolved to allow that.

Are there any risks involved when doing Medical Travel marketing actions?

Do you provide serious and professionals medical treatments? Do you want more patients? Then you can’t lose and there is no actual risk. If you want to attract Inbound medical tourists that seeks medical travel treatment abroad then this is the most cost efficient way. Running such marketing actions is practically a direct investment to your business, since the Ranking Factors that are built and increase for your Inbound medical tourism patients, move your overall website services upwards.

Are Medical Tourism patients traveling only for treatments?

Great point asked! We know for fact that many travelers combine treatments with vacations. We run Travel & Tourism related projects for years, thus we have lots of first-hand detailed information on such. The leisure & vacations market is one that we know well and we can prove it.

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