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Businesses that succeed had someone to get advice from, prior choosing a provider! Be that business!

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Choose one of the available seats. There are different hours and dates available. Do follow the payment process. All related data will be send to you after completing that phase. For any questions please send an email!

One to One, Online Συμβουλευτική ανάλυσης αναγκώνOne to One

For any kind of business who wants to go deep into data for Digital Marketing prior any online action with vendors

Included: Discussion on business goals and consulting on defining data for target audiences, audience volumes, what correct eshop/website means for conversions, Q & A for country specific markets. Anything that is related to a Digital Marketing strategy can be asked, prior choosing vendors and sending budgets away

How it is done: The meeting is conducted through a specialized Online Platform. It is a Live meeting and not pre-recorded videos. Discussions are permitted, along with Q&A’s.

Duration: 60 minutes, One to One Live meeting via Web Platfotm.

Cost: 150 euro per 60 minutes


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