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17 Years of Experience in Digital Marketing

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How One 2 One Works?

We carry 17 years of experience in Digital Marketing. We will discuss your business goals and provide consulting on defining data for target audiences, audience volumes, what correct eshop/website means for conversions,. You can ask us for country specific markets, how to organize teams and marketing and operations. Ask us anything, prior choosing vendors and sending budgets away.


1. Note down a short brief

It is best to have a generic idea on what you want to achieve for your project. Yes, sure, we know that bottom line it is about money and well being. Take some notes of the things you want to find out about. You don't need to be technical, that is our job.

2. Allocate 60 minutes

From our experience, it could be less, rarely more. In 60 minutes we will know all the key points for your project and you will receive great advice for your next steps. Either you work with us or not, we will be happy to get you on the right track.

3. The Response

You will get a proposal right on the spot (it depends on the project complexity), or you will receive a questionnaire so that we can both go deeper into your needs. Our work is to help you out. If you value our suggestions then you will ask us for more.

The Basics

Meeting Tech

You choose from: Zoom, Skype, other


60 minutes


180 euro per 60 minutes, paid ahead

Are you ready? Do contact us with the way you want to pay.