Latics Driver Training Network, on Air

Latics Driver Training Network, on Air

We were extremely happy a few months ago, to be awarded with this excellent project for Latics Driver Training, an extremely well-reputated business in their sector. We needed to take a custom coded php website where important sections of it were as independent application and transform it into a unified informative and ecommerce solution.

This company is one of the biggest networks for driver training in London.

The whole website was designed from scratch both in terms of aesthetics (to please the UK targeted audience), as well as in terms of content strategy and structure.

Our goal was that the whole outcome should look simple to navigate, yet promoting all the particulars that would drive new clients to the company.

We used WordPress as a the base CMS along with Woocommerce. Both were extensively modified and custom code was applied in all its functions.

The end website is responsive to perform (both for content and online purchases) perfect in different screens and platforms (i.e. tablet, smartphones, etc).

The website is on air and accessible from here. Another happy UK client has been added to our list of UK and International clients.



February 18, 2016


Corporate & Generic, E-Shops/E-Commerce