Stefania Frangista and Pink Sands

Stefania Frangista and Pink Sands

We just launched the new e-shops for Stefania Frangista (swimsuit, clothing, accessories) and PinkSands (swimsuit, accessories). Both websites sell/deliver to International clients.

Both eshops are hosted under the eshop platform. The particular advantage (besides the robust and full of features, eCommerce platform) is that both websites carry a different design but there is only one administration behind them. Thus, the website owners can manage -from 1 environment- sales, stocks, updates, sales/performance reports, CRM and marketing actions.

The whole platform also carries an advanced barcode label creation system where each product and each variations (i.e. color, size) produce barcode labels to be printed in a common barcode label printer and scanned with a barcode scanner. This gives the advantage to have a stock management tool also embedded in the website and thus to centralize all commerce actions.

For example, to have in one place orders from the physical store, plus the online ones, plus to have stock quantities updated as they happen. This eliminates the need for multiple systems and platforms. The whole system can be connected to any ERP for further expansion of capabilities, or even embed ERP functionality upon demand.

In that way, the website allows sales through a clean and easy to navigate interface (also responsive), but also is a valuable business tool that reduces logistics and time to the minimum.

Visit the website.


December 29, 2015