Theoxenia Palace 4 hotels redesign plus Booking Engine

Theoxenia Palace 4 hotels redesign plus Booking Engine

The story with Theoxenia Palace hotels goes far through our history. Theoxenia Hotels are a client  for quite a few years and now we have produced version 3 of their websites. This time we got a brief that they needed clean cut with large pictures design. We counter proposed to also implement an autonomous booking engine. One that will help them to rely on themselves for reservations, and avoid paying heavy commisions on 3rd parties when it is not necessary.

They agreed. We did that. We always tell (especially during the last 4 years) that the tech part of an online business is already solved. A vendor (like us) needs to know what is available, functional and how to implement and configure that properly. At the end, and with the proper analogy between cost and value a result that can save and bring money is produced.

We used WordPress as our base CMS, added booking functionality, coded that further and even proposed and enhanced its capability.

At the end we delivered a website that hosts 4 websites, equal to their 4 luxury, high-end hotels.

Feel free to visit Theoxenia Palace.


August 25, 2016


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