Rescue time

Rescue time

I think one of the major problems individuals have, due to thousands of things they (probably) have to do every day is managing time. Or better, make the best usage of it. Luckily, once more, technology comes to rescue things, through  . It is not a take screenshots while I am working kind of thing (like odesk) but it does really help you to see where time goes during the hour(s) you are in front of your machine.

It’s rather easy to make an account there (a paid one) and give it a try.

Actually, a desktop application is installed in your pc/laptop and after a few settings you realize that nothing significant happens. Until, the first alert! After that you start to realize for good how nice this application and web service is. For example if you have made correct settings and optimized what you consider work vs fooling around then you will start getting statistics about what you do everyday. For example: too much time in Outlook? There you see it. Too much time in Facebook? Is it for productive reasons? How much time does it take regarding the other things you work upon each day?

Did I mention the alerts? Oh, yes! There is one that says: What have you been doing since [xx:xx am?]. And it gives you a field to fill in with the info. Sounds simple? Well ,yes. Also, add to this an amount of segmented time slots and stats you get for what you do every day and you have excellent results on how was your day. I mean the actual truth.

This, if you are serious for productivity and don’t get angry when someone asks you what have you been doing, can help you a lot to straighten things with yourself and see where time goes.

The system understands computer activity (thus it pops messages when you don’t even browse). You can even set periods where no distractions will occur and you can get your stats via Google Analytics!!! You can even set alerts to buzz when you do nothing.

You can set user, groups by work sector and more!

Is it a service worth paying for? I think yes so far. It has proven good (don’t worry we are not the resellers, just wanted to help).

I recommend it as a good way to monitor things closely even if you only have to manage yourself.

Additionally, in ChannelDoubler we have time tracking software, developed by us, featured and tailored for our needs. We use it to fill in everything related with our activity, for projects, tasks, even thinking or reading/researching time. Such a solution can help someone to see every week/month and at the end of a period, where time actually goes and in what tasks. This helps management and production to find solutions to make things better or decide when it is time to hire someone and in what field exactly.

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