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With 70% of users browsing through smartphones, that would be enough as a reason. But there is more to know, as responsive affects the SEO and marketing works.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Designing a responsive interface is a completely different way to show the information; far beyond the graphics.

We create websites with Responsive Web Design perfectly fit for desktops, smartphones, and tablets for iOs and Android platforms. All our websites are fantastically easy to admin by any person, without a prior technical background.

Responsive Web Design (RWD), is about all the parts (technical, aesthetics, functionality) and the User Experience of a website. RWD is far from just showing the popular three lines “sandwich” menu on the top navigation area of the website. However, that too is just a fraction of responsive web design.

Even the placement of confirmation/error messages on a responsive page is part of the responsive web design logic. Everything must be designed in a way that doesn’t stop users from freely navigating through the same content either from their laptop or smartphone.

  • Responsive Design affects SEO
  • The Responsive Design affects the easy maintenance of content
  • Content Marketing and Responsive go hand-by-hand

Responsive Design includes all the practical applications in both information architecture and visual architecture.

In parallel, it includes all the best practices that allow the recording of data, independently of the platform/screen one uses to navigate through the website.

In a few words, with responsive design, visitors must be able to shop or interact with your website, on any device.

responsive web design

ChannelDoubler is direct, methodical, fast and skillful. I was directed through a very efficient process that ended up having a great looking website, with all the details in place. Each element was carefully documented on why it exists and the purpose it serves. The team of Chris designed and launched an extraordinary responsive website very fast. ChannelDoubler was amazingly cooperative. That helped me a lot to organize the content they needed. Thank you very much!

Kyveli Papaioannou

Owner - Kyveli Zea Power

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