Sales associate is needed

Sales associate is needed


Hello Sales People out there.

In ChannelDoubler we need to enhance our team with a sales person as business is growing and we cannot cope with all things as we are right now.

Our services are in our website:

Basic qualifications:

– To be able to sell. This must be proved with facts and results up today.

– To be a creative thinker in sales and generate ideas in the sales procedure. Not to tell fairy tales to clients.

– To care for the client and the client’s projects.

– To be disciplined and well organized.

– If you are a developer or a designer but who knows how to sell, we are interested. Some of us started this way also.

We do not need at this phase:

– Account managers.

– Client Service.

We are not mentioning other factors like languages, education, etc.

If you know this market and you are an active member of it, you know what is needed…

Please email us at: for more.

We need the type of associate who really wants to sell and can do it, and also understands his contribution and responsibility towards the team.

Those who feel that we can talk, discuss, and negotiate please contact us for more.

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