Sev4Enteprise to boost your business and knowledge


Sev4Enteprise to boost your business and knowledge

Do you believe in life long learning? Then is here for you. Following this direction and under the SEV Stegi program, SEV created this initiative to help businesses move forward. The sev4entprise project is about 3 main sections:

  • Extroversion
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship

These 3 factors are – for sev4enterprise- the necessary ones to upgrade human resources of the Greek economy. The initiative is based upon studies that showed the lack of specialized knowledge and abilities of Greek enterprises as one major factor where companies need to change. Thus, SEV took over and launched this initiative under the “Program for Life Long learning”. The program focuses on upgrading the knowledge, skills and abilities of managers in Greek companies, thus making them successful in competing in the international business arena.

Along with the call for applications, sev4enteprise asks for both Mentors and Businesses to apply.

The website is based on the responsive design technology, thus making it viewable by different platforms and screens (i.e. ipad, iphone, desktops, etc).

You can see the website (Greek language only) via

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