Solution for Sony Ericsson WM600 bluetooth

Solution for Sony Ericsson WM600 bluetooth

I have been troubled and puzzled with this device to connect it via bluetooth to my sony vaio with windows 7.

The product is here:

In my HTC HD7 T9292 it connected in a flash but not in the laptop. Tried various solutions and got quite disappointed due to the fact that Sony Ericsson does not have drivers to solve that issue. Many users asked and received nothing.

In Greece this product costs around 50 euro. It has stereo audio and radio, etc, etc.

Just before giving up I found a solution. A crazy one.

The Windows 7 troubleshooting suggests automatically that Broadcom drivers must be downloaded and installed. However, IF they manage to get installed you loose the stereo option (which is great by the way). Instead downloading the Lenovo drivers (which I saw were proposed in a blog) worked fine and everything got tuned and worked immediately. Now I have paired both my smartphone and laptop to that expensive gadget!!!

I thank the community of people out there who have provided such a solution. I hope it helps and works for many who have the same problem.

Here is the blog page where I found the solution.

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