Straight forward – Why hotels have to change their sale policy right away

Straight forward – Why hotels have to change their sale policy right away

By doing a research on the database that we have for both Greek and non-Greek hotels, we saw that the overwhelming majority of them, even a few that have been constructed lately, don’t meet more than a 95% of the requirements that would make them competitive against their competitors.

There is a common belief that a competitor for a hotel is only another hotel and that’s all. The fact that a competitor is also another country with its respective hotels (near or far) or the hotels of another city in the same country or even the very same hotel against itself concerning the way it thinks of promoting, isn’t so clear or maybe is that kind of thought you want to avoid.

What’s the ineffective model of the Past

There’s the attitude that a hotel is just like any other kind of store i.e. clothes store. But what happened to this market, though? The major problem that the Greek and non-Greek businessman has always had and still hasn’t managed to dismiss is that he used to spend an enormous amount of money on setting up a “shop” and never considered the cost of marketing in that. After setting it up, thus, he would simply stay inside, waiting for the customers – that is the passers-by – to come in, or his name to become known from mouth to mouth and in this way expected to gradually gain his clientele. This model used to work effectively in the past when a shop was known as the best in its domain in a specific location and people were aware of that.

What has changed

Nevertheless, this has changed for some years now. The “shops” are quite a few now and people have visited more than one, probably in many different countries. People have formed an opinion and during the last 5-7 years they also developed the means to publish it more, especially via the Internet. Hence, if we suppose that the “shop” is good, then it becomes popular with everyone, even beyond the boundaries of a country. On the other hand, if it is not good, the same thing happens, too.

At the same time, websites remained more or less the same, changing a little bit the colors and putting little animation, when the changes are radical overseas, revolutionary and to the point. Greek companies decided to follow the logic of anybody who told them what they have to do, without Mr. Anybody watching what else is happening around. As a result of it, many web services’ providers, for instance, take a model of a web page setup and copy it in tens for all their clients. So the client is happy because he paid it at a low price but also the “provider” is happy because he will make it to get through the month. The former, however, will not even wonder whether the latter has actually worked as many hours as he claims to have, being presented with something seemingly quite hard to make.

Then the client with the website wonders why the clients didn’t come or even more important, why the type of clients he wanted to come, they actually didn’t.

The attitude of “We are the best” doesn’t apply if you cannot show, prove or even discuss it. And especially when you have to do with hotels you must certainly prove it. The profile plays a significant role when the potential client is from 50 to 20.000 miles away.

Search Engines (means which are of the utmost importance for the hotels and their potential clients) are no longer enough. To be precise, it is like we consider that they are the only way to attract clients from the Internet, when Search Engines are only one of the models (especially out of Greece). Of course, things move around them but also beyond them so that they can finally end to them (!).

A New Philosophy and not just a change to technology

Unfortunately there has been much hot air and discussion around the Greek market, especially concerning the WEB 2.0. models and how this can help companies which gradually (but rapidly on the other hand) are proved to be quite literally depended on the Internet. Today many may think that WEB 2.0 has to do with making a website in CSS and writing some News to it now and then where the visitor will be able to post some comments and that’s all. But it’s not what WEB 2.0 really is. It is a good start but as you may understand this is only a part of the solution and not that solution in itself.

The ground for WEB 2.0 had been gotten ready by WEB 1.0 (the initial web) where information was locked in a website and couldn’t circulate. There were chats and forum, though. WEB 2.0 took these two things and made the Interactive Web unifying at the same time both the language and the tools through which online seekers could circulate and make the most of everything such as articles, video, pictures, music, url’s). Many people may think that that’s the reason why things have gone out of control, as go and find what anybody writes about you and also what you have to change in order to monitor all that stuff. Yet, the tools for that really exist and also you can do better optimization in sales and learn how to attract the people that you want to have in your “shop”.

Ladies and gentlemen, WEB 2.0 works for WEB 3.0 (!) and particularly for the profiling of online researcher for products and services.

What needs to be done

1. Change your attitude. We can compile a list of actions that will be only for the particular hotel of yours and not one for all, in general.

2. Make the right Budget for Online Marketing. It isn’t high, it isn’t low. It’s the right one for you and requires a lot of research in both the market and your website so that it can be created. The way of thinking which says “Give me 1.000$ to make your website rise in high position in Google”, just doesn’t work. Call Google or send them an email and you’ll find out that what we say is all true. It needs research in any case!

3. Change your website. There are the proper tools for making diagnosis for your website and thus finding out if it is sick or not and what will have to be changed. We can do it for you if you like and do the incorporation, as well. If something needs change we will let you know, if not we will let you know, too.

4. Target correctly Online. The market has definitely changed. Everything you know is changing year by year.

5. Don’t be afraid of the cost of investment. Especially when it’s about a permanent online strategy which is also easily adaptable.

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