Truth and Lies: The Creation

Truth and Lies: The Creation

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I was reading an article in PC Magazine yesterday, where one of the readers was posting a question asking if there is a program where with 20-30 clicks he could make a complete and in above average detail 3D representation about Battle of Marathon. Well, it was nice to see that a person is actually getting interested to do such a thing but this is not our point.

The thing is that he mentioned that “…i would like to do such…, “…as there are programs where with 2-3 clicks you get a website, a blog, etc…” and in general things like this. So, you are guessing where this is going.

Actually, I understand this reader has little or nothing experience with web or media technologies. Yet, what is really the perception of people out there who think that a web project or idea or design or code, are somehow in the computer and simply a “person who knows from computers” simply clicks on some keyboard and pops them up there? Have you ever met people who think that writing an unformatted text in MSoffice and writing php, asp is actually the same thing, under the umbrella “knowing from computers”? Who many times tell you that they have a nephew, spouse, relative in general, friend, a friend of a friend who is an expert in the “computers” and he can do his application/website/design/marketing with no cost or with (always) less than yours? Who, of course, studied “computer technology” at Somewhere University, or worse than that in Harvard but hasn’t ever worked?

So, why they called you in the first place? To say about their connections? There is Facebook and Twitter for that.

What does it mean to really create something in the mind of people who do not know of your job (though, even my father still does not understand)? Who think that you are simply a keystroke magician. Who unveils the hidden things under the keyboard. It is like saying that the car was not invented, tested and evolved but it was in a drawer and simply someone one day opened this drawer and, behold!, there it was. Well, this has some metaphysical aspects also in it as from where imagination and visualization come but it is another discussion.

So here are some rough guidelines for all the people who think the above.

The “computer”, either a PC or a MAC (I am a PC actually):

  1. Does not have ideas.
  2. Does not know what Open Source means.
  3. Has no idea of any kind of Social Networking and what it is.
  4. Facebook and Twitter are for him electricity manipulated when someone clicks on a key.
  5. There are no little people in a computer or “voices” whispering to creators (of any kind) the secrets of your project.
  6. Cannot visualize, imagine, create, alter, edit, form, think of anything.
  7. Does not know a thing. From Google to ecommerce.
  8. Does not know E-Marketing.
  9. Does not have Content Management stored in it.
  10. Actually, only has the ability to do fast calculations. Though, it is not only a simple calculator, as if it was so we wouldn’t need computers.

On the other hand…

  1. People do have the ideas and visions.
  2. People make plans, edit, alter them and think!
  3. People imagine and socialize.
  4. People develop open source systems, marketing plans and more.
  5. People made the PC or MAC or any kind of device.


  1. Pushing 1-2-3 clicks to make a website does not really make a website. Only shows something premade and the same for a few 100.000 thousand others.
  2. Pushing 20-30 clicks does not make more complex projects.
  3. A relative is as good as his expertise and knowledge for a specific area. Having studied “computers” is not a profession.

Mark my word. Something that was created cannot really create. Only he who creates, trully can do that.

I will follow up with more Truth and Lies in more subjects.

What’s your say?

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