WPCentric.com is up and running

WPCentric.com is up and running

Well, we love Microsoft windows phones and especially windows phone 7. Particularly now with this amazing interface they have we love them more. We are in technology both in it’s business aspect as well as the fun aspect. We are strong in our belief that windows phone platform is here to stay. It has unparalleled advantages in terms of usability, speed, ease of doing things. It’s, as they correctly say in their advertising video, the platform phone that will save all from their phones. Funny? Well, yes and serious the same time.

We develop applications for this platform and we think it as a revolutionary concept. Thus, we made this website/blog which is all about windows phones and especially the WP 7 series. It’s our community offer and our playground the same time. We serve content with our research and usability and more tests and opinions. It’s not just another info-blog. All content there has gone through research and this adds quite some points on it, isn’t it?

So, here it is: www.wpcentric.com. A website for windows phone 7 series and all related and around this topic and only that.

Stay tuned and get the feed. Subscribe and read. We will announce more things there as we go deeper in this wonderful platform.

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